Striking (Clogau) Gold with Golf

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Clogau Gold winnerTo celebrate being granted the official licence for jewellery and giftware for the Ryder Cup 2010, Clogau Gold organised an innovative daily four foot putting contest on its stand at last month’s TFWA Exhibition in Cannes.

At the end of each day, a luxury prize (a Clogau automatic watch) was awarded to the winning competitor.

Pictured here is winner Rafi Nehushtan, General manager of Lan Lee International, receiving his prize from Clogau Head of Global Sales David Butler – many congratulations to him.

The Moodie Report’s Rebecca Mann was invited to participate. So far out was the shot, however, that it might as well have been a 440 foot putting contest. Onlookers ducked wildly for cover and the Clogau team breathed audible sighs of relief that their stand was still intact after the attempt. Clearly this writer’s handicap was, well, a complete lack of skill and co-ordination. We promise to stick to the day job from now on.

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