Derek’s dream comes true

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

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Rip up your travel agenda. Change your plans. Wherever you were intending to go, buy a ticket to Sydney instead.

I’ve spent the past two days rigorously examining the retail and food & beverage offer at Sydney Airport’s new-look international terminal and I can tell you that it’s very special indeed.

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Sydney Airport Corporation Limited has spent around A$500 million on this expansion, adding some 2,500sq m of commercial space to the terminal, but it’s the quality and diversity that really impresses. General Manager, Retail Derek Larsen (above, walking the terminal with me) has delivered in every way on his long-time pledge (and dream) to create a diverse, exciting consumer experience with ‘something for everyone’.


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At  4,000sq m, Nuance’s ‘SYD’ tax & duty free walk-through store is the dominant outlet and it’s full of delights and surprises.

You’ll see what I consider to be the best wine offer and merchandising in any airport worldwide; a very strong beauty line-up, an impressive upscale watches department; and perhaps the most curious tobacco section in travel retail where the only signage allowed to indicate the store’s whereabouts are the official anti-smoking messages.


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After you exit the Nuance store there’s plenty more on offer. Around ‘The Forum’ – the exquisitely elegant centrepoint of the terminal – are dotted a range of luxury, fashion and other boutiques. There’s also some outstanding food & beverage outlets, such as Bambini Wine Room (below) – a big contrast to the Sydney Airport of old.



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We’ll be telling the full story in coming weeks in a special magazine dedicated to Sydney Airport. I can promise you a compelling read, including some great photography by local photographer Jack Atley who has really captured the vibrancy of this remarkable commercial offer.

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