Inner (and outer) Beauty, Calvin Klein-style

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It’s peak launch time for the beauty business, and The Moodie Report is fortunate enough to have been invited to several high-profile events in May and June.

Last week we were in New York with Coty Prestige for the worldwide reveal of the new flagship feminine fragrance from the house of Calvin Klein, called Calvin Klein Beauty. The event was attended by Calvin Klein Collection Creative Director Francisco Costa; the fragrance face Diane Kruger; and the nose Sophie Labbé – and The Moodie Report secured interviews with all three.

Calvin_Klein_DianeAs befits the fragrance name, there was much discussion about beauty as a concept, and how that concept has evolved. According to Coty, the new fragrance aims to encapsulate the spirit of a woman who is beautiful from the inside out.

All very commendable but, as ever at these events, appearances matter – and the thought of interviewing the ethereally beautiful Diane Kruger (pictured) is enough to faze even the most groomed and glamorous journalist, let alone a Moodie Report hack.

Thankfully, Coty gave everyone a chance to be beautiful, by taking over a suite at the Crosby Street hotel and turning it into a temporary beauty salon. A masseur, a masseuse, two hairdressers, two manicurists and two genius make-up artists worked their magic – lubricated by Champagne and canapés – to beautify all the plane-weary journalists on their arrival.

The result? We didn’t recognise ourselves – and at the evening event everyone was movie-star glamorous, although the divine Ms Kruger still stole the show.

Following the official reveal and a panel discussion with Kruger, Costa, Labbé and Coty Prestige Senior Vice President Fragrances Catherine Walsh, guests enjoyed a sit-down dinner at the exclusive Calvin Klein Collection store, on Madison Avenue, followed by a VIP shopping experience, complete with gift cards and a very generous discount.

“How many pairs of shoes did you buy?” enquired this journalist’s nine year old – who is wise beyond her years and knows her mum rather too well. Just the one pair, as it happens (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it; my bank manager might be reading).

Fragrance, film stars, make-overs and shopping – as launch events go, on every level, Calvin Klein’s latest was a real Beauty.

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