Doing extra duty at Diageo

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.


Ever wonder why Diageo seems so close to its consumers? That’s because it is – and on Tuesday we saw the evidence with our own eyes.

The Moodie Report Publisher was doing a spot of reconnaissance in the World Duty Free liquor & tobacco store at London Heathrow Airport Terminal Three this week when who did we spot mingling with the customers but Diageo Global Travel & Middle East Marketing Director Nick Robinson (pictured above)?

Nick told us that he and his colleagues were spending the day in the store, mixing with the World Duty Free sales team, advising customers on products, helping to sell and, of course, watching trends. “You learn so much about consumer behaviour from being here,” he said.

We’ll drink to that. I wonder how many Marketing Directors follow his example and get down to the shop floor – not just a swift perusal but actually monitoring consumer behaviour over a period of hours and interacting with them?

It pays off. It’s no coincidence we think that the Diageo displays really stand out from their peers at World Duty Free, beckoning travellers with their consistent brilliance.

Our picture of the Baileys promotion below is a prime example, one that shows Diageo at its very best. The festive season offer of two bottles for £15 is an attractive one but not half as attractive as the fantastically alluring Baileys bar nearby replete with samples. It was doing roaring business during our visit and that’s not surprising. After all, success is all about listening to your consumers.


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