George Clooney finds new leading lady in Dubai

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

He’s played alongside some of the world’s leading ladies, from Nicole Kidman to Catherine Zeta-Jones and Julie Roberts. He’s an almost impossible combination of good looks, great acting ability, charm, intelligence and social conscience.

Yes we’re talking George Clooney, Hollywood’s hottest property and star of such epic movies as Syriana; Good Night, and Good Luck; and Michael Clayton.

So who’s that pictured below on the arm of George at this month’s Dubai Film Festival? Yes, The Moodie BLOG can confirm that the suave star was spotted on the arm of one of travel retail’s fairest ladies of all, Breeda McLoughlin.


Acknowledged by many as the true star of the recent blockbuster ‘The World Rovers’ (Directors: Dermot Davitt and Martin Moodie, Moodie Report Productions 2006), Breeda is a long-time fan of ‘gorgeous George’ though her leading man will always remain ‘Mr Duty Free’ of the Middle East, her husband Colm, Managing Director of Dubai Duty Free.


As our exclusive photo shows, neither Breeda nor George were cowered by being in the company of a fellow celebrity. But what has he (or she) said to spark off that famous Mrs McLoughlin chortle? Answers on an e-mail please to The best wins a ticket in the next Dubai Duty Free ‘Finest Surprise’ luxury car draw, courtesy of The Moodie Report.

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  • She said, When are you leaving Dubai ?
    He said, I was planning to leave tomorrow, but Im going to stay until the 21st Dec and benefit from the -24% at DDF.
    She said, you tight Bast…!
    And they both laughed


    He said, Breda, We both keep smiling and I bet you I can undo the zip on the back of your dress, with one hand, in 15 seconds