Engaging the consumer in the air


Clive Humby: “engage the consumer” inflight

“Ensure you remain relevant, and engage the consumer.” That was the key message from Clive Humby, Chairman of retail consultancy DunnHumby, at this morning’s Airline Workshop, held at The Scene venue in Cannes.

Humby underlined just how airline retailers need to learn lessons from the best High Street retailers and translate those to their own shopping environment. He struck a chord with many of the delegates by insisting that airlines had to personalise the experience for their customers rather than treating them all the same.


Gustaf Ljunggren: driving growth through e-shopping

Inflight Service Europe CEO Gustaf Ljunggren touched on the same theme, in a strong, data- and analysis-led presentation. Crucially, he noted how his company has embraced the web via its e-shop system to allow pre-order purchasing for consumers.

With average spend per customer at €55, other inflight retailers could learn a lot from Inflight Service’s use of technology – and how it employs that technology to talk directly to consumers.


Mars’ Martyn Westbury (speaking for Christine Martin of Travel Retail Training) presented the plans for ISPY+, a new event aimed at airline concessionaires, buyers and brand owners, to coincide with ISPY, which takes place in September 2010

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