Flying high with the irresistible Pam Ann

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Martin Moodie
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Every day The Moodie Report scours the international newswires for story leads using a paid search service and a series of keywords such as ‘duty free’ and ‘travel retail’.

Invariably the former throws up some intriguing stories that never quite make it into our pages – ranging from articles on duty free sugar quotas to those about policeman who have been resting while they are supposed to be working (in fact The Moodie Report Publisher has already chosen the engraving for his headstone come judgement day – it will read ‘Free of Duty at last’).

Today’s search produced a gem from down under called ‘Frequent Flyer – Pam Ann’, drawn from a mock interview on ‘The Pam Ann show’ on Sydney’s Comedy Channel (Pam Ann is in fact the alter ego of Australian comedienne Caroline Reid, described as a “mixture of drag, camp and glamour” – pretty typical of many airlines really).

Dubbed as “TV’s air hostess with the mostest” Ms Ann was asked a series of questions in an interview of the sort that seldom finds itself into the pages of the trade press.

Here’s a taste:

Q. What do you enjoy most about travel?

A. The fact that it’s free, since I own the airline. We code-share with Emirates, so we don’t even have to buy fuel. We use fuel to wash our planes. Jetstar chases our planes with buckets.

Q What are your in-flight meals like?

A We pay attention to detail. We always serve five courses and the boys (male cabin attendants) don’t wear shirts during service.

Q. What do you always pick up at duty free?

A. Men. And Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream – you can’t go past it for dehydrated skin.

* The Pam Ann Show screens on The Comedy Channel Wednesday nights in Sydney at 9.30pm.

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