Those mobile blues again…

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

I think someone is trying to tell me something…

Working from home the other morning at The Moodie Report’s unofficial Worldwide Headquarters (also known as the Garden Shed), I answered the phone to what turned out to be a cold call from a salesman.

“Good morning, is that Mr Moodie?”

“It is indeed.”

“Good morning Mr Moodie.”

“Good morning to you.”

“Mr Moodie, can I ask if you are experiencing any trouble getting up the stairs?”

I have to admit, the question made me think. Business has been particularly hard in recent weeks for us just as it has for everyone in the business. And in tough times you simply have to work harder, longer and better. That means later nights, earlier mornings. So yes, I must concede, getting up the stairs in the evening has been just that bit more burdensome.

But I’m not quite ready for a stairlift (the product he was selling) yet, so politely I turned down the offer by replying “Only when I’ve had a bit too much Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.”

But others may be less sure about my abillity to withstand the current pressures. Within hours of that cold call, Stuart Bull, International Travel Retail Consultant for confectionery powerhouse Mars – the sponsor, incidentally, of The Moodie Blog – sent me (with no accompanying explanation) an ad for a ‘Hoveround’ power wheel chair (pictured below).

“If you’ve ever experienced challenges getting around,” it proclaimed. “Hoveround is here to help.”

Could this be the answer I had been seeking in the wake of a slashed travel budget? But surely a power wheel chair was the wrong option after years of opting for British Airways?

“What are you waiting for?” it said. “Enjoy life again! Get a Hoveround!”

Now when a major sponsor starts to doubt your mobility, you better start to worry. So I e-mailed Stuart.

“Are you trying to tell me something Mr Bull?”

“Oops, wrong Martin…” he replied, after a clear case of M&M confusion.

So there you have it. This time it may have been a case of mistaken identity but The Moodie Report Publisher would like to assure the markets that despite the testing industry conditions we’re still very much able to get around the room, around the world, and up the stairs. We’ll keep you posted if things change…

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