Frank gets plastered in Cannes

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.


Frank Hunwick has been coming to the Cannes show for more years than he can remember, in the past with Allied Domecq and Hiram Walker. This year the amiable PR expert and show specialist was guiding Peller Estates Icewine around the show, helping set up the stand, client dinners and much more besides.

All had gone swimmingly until the Monday evening when Frank slipped on a step made greasy by the day’s rain. The resultant sickening snap could nearly be heard in Nice. The Hunwick shin bone was split in two with one part pointing towards Marseilles and the other towards Italy.

As a result Frank spent a very unhappy week in Cannes hospital, where his leg was reset, pinned and plastered. By Friday evening he was deeply relieved to be flying home onboard the 18.40 British Airways flight to London. Unfortunately his travails were not over as he was left abandoned by support stuff for over one hour and no-one was available to push his wheelchair onboard. An offer by The Moodie Report BLOG Editor to do so resulted in the most withering, rude blast by the French counter attendant: “You cannot do that. It is against the rules and you will not do so.”

After a short but animated exchange on the relative merits of arrogance versus customer service, Frank was left to wait some more until seconds before take-off help arrived.

But the affable Englishman as always, saw the funny side. “The lengths I go to get into business class,” he chuckled, before eventually being helped onboard by The Moodie Report and a burly French airport worker.

Judging by events at The Scene and the Carlton House Bar, Frank was not the only delegate plastered in Cannes. But his was definitely the most painful experience.

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