Hand in Hand across the ocean

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

Meet Joseph and Lorna of the DFS sales team at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

I met them while flying home from Manila to London (I’m writing this from the wonderful Etihad Lounge). I was contemplating buying (and indeed did buy) a ‘Mega Big Ticket’ offering the chance to win AED1 million, a kilo of gold and a BMW Z4.

But then Lorna, looking as she should for the add-on sale, told me about the other draws, notably one she was particularly enthused about. It was the chance to win a new Volkswagen Tiguan with all proceeds, she told me, going to Hand in Hand for Haiti.

Lorna did not know me, and certainly was not aware of my involvement with the cause. So I asked her about it. She was joined by her colleague Joseph. They told me it was a travel retail industry initiative embraced by DFS; they told me it was designed to help the children of Haiti; they told me it was a wonderful cause. And they told me how supportive Abu Dhabi Airports Company (who have done an amazing job here at T3 by the way with their ‘Shop, Dine, Unwind’ offer) was to the promotion.

With their smiles, enthusiasm and knowledge, they couldn’t help but convert me from browser to buyer. So I bought a couple of tickets.

Then I told them who I was. I told them they were doing a great job, as was their company and their airport. And I pledged that if either of my tickets wins, then the car is being donated to Hand in Hand for Haiti.

All I need is the luck of the draw. As you can see below, I’m in it to win.

Isn’t it great that in the early hours of the morning, in transit through a Middle Eastern airport, one can talk to ‘Front Line’ staff about a cause many thousands of miles away that has touched so many? That commerce crosses over into Corporate Social Responsibility? And to see a retailer and an airport company really demonstrating their commitment to charity, not just in words but in action?

Lorna and Joseph, you made my day. Front Line friendliness and sales skills of the highest order.

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  • Dear Martin,

    I wanted to write and thank you for your blog last night. The guys will be thrilled to get recognition like this. We are giving them framed copies of the article which they will love. The charity car has gone really well and will have raised $68,000 for HIHH by the end of this month.

    The great news is that, with ADAC’s support, we will be able to repeat this event again.
    We are very proud of the commitment shown by both ADAC and DFS to this cause and it means a lot to get praise from you on our efforts. Mr Cappell had a tear in his eye when he read the blog this morning and we usually only see that much emotion from him when I miss a sales target!

    Next time you are coming through let me know so I can show you some of the other fantastic things that ADAC and DFS are working on to take Abu Dhabi forward.

    Thank you,

    Glen Morgan
    Vice President
    Retail Operations

    DFS Duty Free
    Abu Dhabi International Airport