Holland branches out into Montenegro

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Martin Moodie
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One of the fascinating things about the global travel retail industry is how it operates at so many levels in so many countries.

One industry executive who has travelled to more of those countries than most is Jonathan ‘Chaps’ Holland’ (below, right), Managing Director of Singapore-based Jonathan Holland & Associates.


Chaps sent us these pictures of a small duty free store in the port of Kotor in Montenegro, noting: “I just had the honour to visit one of the more remote duty free shops in our industry. It carried just a few major international liquor & cigarette brands at very attractive prices together with a smattering of well-known and some not so well-known fragrances. Customer service was very friendly and efficient.


“Whilst basic in today’s terms, duty free shops like this still cover the globe in the most isolated and far-flung places and conduct a robust business in many cases. Naturally, we all feel ‘at home’ when we come across them.”

Well said Chaps. An industry – and its reputation – has been built on the power of those two words ‘duty free’ and it’s good to see such potency still exists in locations big and small around the globe.

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