How L’Oréal Travel Retail’s Emmanuel Goulin declared and shared happiness at Christmas

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From the Publisher: Sometimes in our often-troubled world, one encounters kindness and generosity that puts everything into a different and brighter perspective. Such is the Christmas tale I am about to tell.

In my last Blog, I related how Emmanuel Goulin, Managing Director of L’Oréal Travel Retail Asia Pacific, had won a ticket in the Dubai Duty Free Finest Surprise luxury car draw during last month’s Trinity Forum in Bangkok (each year, Dubai Duty Free kindly supports the event by offering several tickets in its various prize draws).

Of course, the winner only receives a ticket in the draw, not (or not until now) the ultimate prize itself.

Dubai Duty Free Chief Operating Officer Ramesh Cidambi draws out Emmanuel’s name while moderator Dermot Davitt oversees proceedings

However, as I reported, Emmanuel then struck lucky a second time. When Dubai Duty Free Executive Vice Chairman and CEO Colm McLoughlin dipped into the prize draw barrel to choose the winner of a Porsche Panamera 4 (Volcano Grey Metallic), he pulled out Emmanuel’s name. This is the first time with a Dubai Duty Free ticket at either The Trinity Forum or the MEADFA conference that a lucky winner has gone on to win a big prize.

Dubai Duty Free Executive Vice Chairman and CEO Colm McLoughlin and Chief Operating Officer Ramesh Cidambi (with management colleagues Salah Tahlak and Sinead el Sibai) prepare to make Emmanuel’s day

In my last Blog I joked about how Emmanuel’s reaction would no doubt mirror L’Oreal Travel Retail Asia Pacific’s fantastic ‘Declaring Happiness’ campaign that is being implemented with such great effect across several major Asian airports. Who would not be happy, after all, driving away such a superb motor vehicle?

Emmanuel on stage talking about the Declaring Happiness campaign during L’Oréal Travel Retail’s TFWA World Exhibition press conference

And then, today, I received a note from Emmanuel. I will let its words, unedited, speak for themselves, for speak they do of selflessness and honour.

Dear Martin and Dermot,

I am indeed very honoured and lucky to be the winner of the outstanding prize of the lucky draw of Dubai Duty Free.

A big surprise to me as I must admit I never won any lucky draw before in my life while this time my name was even picked twice (first time during the Trinity Forum in Bangkok as you know) and then this Wednesday in Dubai!

Absolutely incredible indeed and for sure a wonderful Christmas gift! Thank you so much for giving me this chance to win this great prize through my participation at The Trinity Forum.

I have been discussing since Wednesday with my L’Oréal colleagues to see what sense we could give to all this in order to somehow share this luck in a useful way.

I have then decided to sell this present (the Porsche Panamera 4) and to return the amount to the two causes that were presented during this Trinity Forum: 1/ Hand in Hand for Haiti, which you presented Martin together with Olivier Bottrie [The Estée Lauder Companies Global President, Travel Retail and Retail Development] as I understand there is a need for some help right now on this beautiful project and 2/ The PUR Project, which was presented by Vincent Boinay [L’Oréal Travel Retail Managing Director] and which is a project we all support at L’Oréal Travel Retail as we consider we have our role to play to make the world we live in more sustainable.

On behalf of L’Oréal Travel Retail and from the bottom of my heart, I want to address you my sincere thanks.

It feels so good to be given the opportunity to help somehow the ones who need it. Declaring happiness is good but sharing it is even better!

I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy and successful New Year 2018!

Best regards


Emmanuel Goulin
Managing Director
L’Oréal Group | Travel Retail Asia Pacific

What can one say to that? I learned from Emmanuel’s colleagues that while he did indeed consult with them about where the proceeds from the prize should go, he, unprompted, had already and immediately decided to give back his good luck to those less fortunate.

It is a gesture that emboldens the Trinity concept and affirms the Christmas spirit. Truly, happiness declared. And happiness shared.

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