Making a difference on the front line

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.


Sometimes stories can slip quietly under the radar when they actually deserve real prominence.

One such example was an initiative this week by French travel retailer  Aelia, which organised a day themed ‘Journée Des Sens’ in France.

The concept brings together many of travel retail’s most successful fragrance and cosmetics brands with Aelia’s front-line sales staff – the people who can make or break a sale [a concept that lies at the heart of Christine Martin and TRT’s commendable Inflight Sales Person of the Year/ISPY Awards)

What a refreshing focus on the front line.


As Aelia Deputy CEO, Commercial and Marketing Ambroise Fondeur told us: “We are trying to bring added value to consumers through our staff, and their understanding of the products available.

“The purpose of today is to allow the [beauty] brands to meet our sales force, because ultimately they are the ones representing their products, and who are in contact with the final consumers.”


And listen to his conclusion: “Last year, the brands that performed best for us were the ones who were closest to the field. It’s what happens at that stage that really makes a difference.”

Bravo to that sentiment and bon courage to Aelia for putting the time and investment into an area where our industry still too often falls short.



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