Moodie magic as Dermot Divot challenges for Dubai Duty Free Golf World Cup

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

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Late night reports are reaching The Moodie Blog from Dubai of a surprise contender for the Dubai Duty Free Golf World Cup, according to our newly appointed freelance golfing correspondent Philip Eckles.

The two-day tournament, for many the sporting and social highlight of the travel retail calendar, plays host to many of travel retail’s biggest names – and worst golf games.

This year’s event, organised magnificently as always by Dubai Duty Free, has attracted over 100 players. And while Michael McGinley, brother of Irish Ryder Cup hero Paul, predictably leads the way after day one, right on his tail is none other than The Moodie Report’s own Dermot Davitt.

Phil takes up the story: “Will he win through tomorrow? Doubtful. It’s now 01:30 and he is still celebrating [pictured above] 41 points on day one [possibly with 41 pints on night 1 – Ed].”

The more salient question might be, will he even see tomorrow (or is it today?) ? As his many friends will tell you, the three most dangerous words in the English (or Irish) language are – when spoken by Dermot – “Fancy a nightcap?”


By the look of Philip’s photos, Dermot indeed does fancy a nightcap and we are not talking bedroom attire. In fact his odds are lengthening with every pint as he continues his transition from MEADFA Conference moderator to benignly immoderate Dubai Duty Free Golf World Cup front-runner.

Will tomorrow bring news of a stunning triumph for the Galway-based Irish wordsmith?  Will The Moodie Report for once make rather than write the headlines? Or will our man lapse into his traditional post-party day two game that over the years has led to him being nicknamed Dermot Divot?

Stay tuned for the result of the greatest travel retail sporting event on earth.

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[Dermot caught snapping some late night divots during his rigorous preparation for day two of the Dubai Duty Free Golf World Cup]

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