Sporting sensation as Dermot ‘Divot’ lands Dubai Duty Free Golf World Cup!

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The Moodie Blog is proud, delighted (and staggered) to report one of the biggest upsets in sporting history as just minutes ago The Moodie Report Deputy Chairman Dermot Davitt claimed the Dubai Duty Free Golf World Cup.

The Moodie Report’s man in Galway was a hugely popular winner – and a deserving one too after scoring an outstanding 78 stableford points over the two-day event.

dd leader 2

His triumph was all the more impressive following a heavy session at The Irish Village the evening before (pictured above), when as I reported in an earlier Blog, the man usually known as Dermot ‘Divot’ for his erratic golf game, did his best to match his day one 41 points with 41 pints of his favoured pre-match isotonic drink – Guinness.

To complete a great day for The Moodie Report, Moodie International Switzerland President Jaclyn Wampler (below, right, though you probably worked out which one she is…) came runner-up in the Ladies Tournament, just behind Nancy Miller, wife of Revlon executive Art Miller.

jaclyn and dermot

Divot, sorry, Davitt, won in dramatic style, parring the last to edge ahead of another Irishman, Michael McGinley, brother of Irish Ryder Cup hero Paul, who found the water to score a double-bogey six.

On a more serious note, Dermot told me: “It was just an amazing moment when I won – it is hard to describe. Everyone here is thrilled and Colm (McLoughlin), George (Horan), Salah (Tahlak) and Sinead (El Sibai) are all delighted. Dubai Duty Free were just incredible hosts as always and I’m very thankful to them for organising what is undoubtedly the sporting highlight of the duty free calendar. And my victory hopefully gives hope to hackers everywhere.”


Now, as I write this Blog on a cold, bleak and black London evening and keep the good ship Moodie afloat while Dermot sinks a few well-deserved pints in balmy Dubai after his victory (knowing my man as I do, I predict he may go very close to hitting that 41 mark tonight), I am of course reflecting on the injustice of it all.

As a result, I am contemplating major changes to his contract, especially after our brief telephone interview which he concluded as follows: “Well, I have been taking up to three days a week off and disappearing for long periods on the other days – you can’t win a tournament like this without preparing properly Martin.”

Indeed Mr Divot. Indeed. But fair play to you. For tonight, unlike last Sunday at Lansdowne Road in Dublin, Irish eyes are truly smiling. And no-one, just no-one, deserves today’s success more.ddf_golf_world_cup_2013_DDJWblog

[Dermot and Jaclyn celebrate a dual Moodie miracle with Colm McLoughlin]

jaclyn and nancy

[Jaclyn Wampler and Nancy Miller: Runner-up and Champion in the Ladies Tournament]

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