MOre power to an industry MOgul

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

Brian Collie 070620_Small

If you bump into McArthurGlen Luxury Retail Chairman Brian Collie this month, you may not recognise him…

The much-respected industry executive (and former BAA Group Retail Director) has long been a generous supporter of various charities. Now he’s an active (depending on how you define the word) participant in a fantastically innovative fund-raising campaign to combat the scourge of prostate cancer.

Brian is participating in MOvember – formerly known as November – the MOnth when men grow MOustaches to try to raise MOney for research into prostate cancer, one of the biggest killers of men worldwide.

MOvember, described as an annual, month-long celebration of the MOustache, last year raised more than US$23 million around the world.

That sum is bound to rise by more than a whisker if Brian has his way. “As a guy whose athletic days are behind him, I’ve decided to exercise my facial hair muscles for a good cause,” he tells us, without revealing details of his training regime.

“So if you are unfortunate enough to bump into me you will (possibly) spot a sparse grey bristly growth above my top lip (more ageing Hitler than Burt Reynolds or 118!), so please don’t think it’s a new look/male menopause/shaving mistake.”

The MOodie Report is supporting Brian’s MOmentous MObilisation of this great cause. You can too at

But just to help you out in case you are MOrtified after missing Brian in a MOb of MOustaches, The MOodie Report is here to help with our MO-dentikit to help you identify this newly hirsute travel retail industry MOgul.

He could look like this…


The MObster; Or this…


MOdish; Or this…


MOnastic; Or this…


MOnsignor; Or this…


MOuntain man; Or this…


MOvie star; Or even this…



Whatever the ultimate shape, length or twirl of Brian’s MOustache, it’s a great campaign by a great guy for a great cause. Please try to support it.

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