Near tragedy as Dane Kongsted drives Tuli nuts

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.


America has long been the breeding ground for super heroes and it threw up another one during the recent Singapore trade show. Revlon travel retail guru Art Miller (above) was widely praised for his swift action in averting what could have been one of the more bizarre and certainly tragic exits from the industry.

The subject of all the attention was King Power (Hong Kong) Duty Free and Travel Retail Managing Director Sunil Tuli – also the newly elected Asia Pacific Travel Retail Association (APTRA) President – who unfortunately swallowed a ‘Max’ nut (supplied by Valora Trade Travel Retail Managing Director Dan Kongsted) the wrong way and began to choke while on the Revlon stand.

Art takes up the story: “It caught us all by surprise. There we were talking margins when suddenly Sunil chokes on one of Dan’s nuts. It’s not the sort of thing you expect to see at a trade show and I have to tell you it looked real worrying.”

Fortunately, Art, trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as well as accessibly priced skincare, knew what to do. “As a life-long golf nut and Phil Mickleson fan I’ve seen this sort of choking before,” he explained.

A cup of water was followed swiftly by a well-aimed bear-hug to the would-be victim’s chest and the errant nut flew out to meet its maker, moments before a fast-expiring Sunil would have.

A relieved ‘Danish’ Dan Kongsted told The Moodie BLOG that when he first saw Sunil falling to one side he simply mistook it for a King Power listing. Only then did the gravity of the situation dawn on him.

“It’s really hard to agree terms with a dead man,” he told us, with an admirable sense of business priorities. “Fortunately Art stepped in and the deal was saved.”

A relieved Sunil recovered quickly and was later able to make a gracious acceptance speech after being named President of APTRA. But he conceded that, as with all Presidents, life could get dangerous. “There’s always some nut out there trying to kill you,” he said.

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  • well, this story tells us be careful with the nuts and other small dangerous thing that can cause our death!in fact, this story is very funny also:)