Not a common plaice concession

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.


Now here’s an intriguing way to get over all that stress built up in getting to the airport and through security.

UK company Silky Soles is introducing three ‘fish therapy’ stations, where Garra Rufa fish gently remove dry and hard skin from passengers’ hands and feet, “leaving them feeling silky soft and rejuvenated”.

During a session acupuncture points are stimulated boosting circulation while relaxing the body, relieving fatigue and promoting a comfortable and relaxed flight, Silky Soles says.

The prospect of having one’s feet and hands nibbled by little fish will appeal to some, as well as no doubt generating some excruciating fish puns among headline writers.

Oh why not ? Let’s get the ball rolling…

It is indeed good to see a less than common plaice concept entering world airports, writes Marlin Moodie, even if it is still just a toe in the water exercise. 

Many critics have carped about the lack of variety on offer which often leaves passengers floundering for something to do. Indeed this idea could spawn many other sole concessions at airports, many of which could be scaled up if successful. For airport directors angling for a new revenue stream, this one could net considerable gains. The worst they could do is mull-et over.

In fact it could turn out to be a dolphinitive breakthrough in airport commercial revenues, bringing a whole new sense of porpoise to the business. All in all, a brill-iant idea that should have consumers and airport executives breaming with delight, in locations as varied as Fin-land, Tuna-isia and Sardinia.

One could even imagine soft music being gently piped while travellers relaxed on their perches. Some loud sole music for the hard of herring perhaps or for others a soothing rendition of Salmon-chanted evening?

[Further bad fish puns gratefully received…]

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  • You had a whale of a time writing it, but I’m afraid the joke’s wearing a bit fin. Anyway I’m just commenting for the halibut…