Nuance on track (and treadmill) for supreme fund-raising effort

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

How’s this for a heavyweight team set to participate in the forthcoming Moodie Multi-National Marathon?

• Roberto Graziani
• Chris Wood
• Andrea Belardini
• Alex Anson
• James Turl
• Clara Helmlinger


Yes, it’s a team from The Nuance Group and it’s absolutely great to see the company’s President and CEO Roberto Graziani (pictured above) leading a fellow management team and entering into the spirit of the occasion.

Roberto, together with his CFO (Chris); Managing Director Europe (Andrea); Buying & Merchandising Director (Alex); Merchandise Administrator P & C (James) and Junior Controller Consolidation (Clara), will be strutting their stuff next March for a really great cause.

And that’s just the first Nuance team. The company’s Mandy Lokkart assures me that a second one is about to be named.

As reported, the inaugural Moodie Multi-National Marathon, sponsored by M&M’s – is a unique initiative designed to bring together the international travel retail community behind a good cause, Hand in Hand for Haiti.


Teams of six from travel retail companies will each run one-sixth of a marathon (7.03km), with members being able to run anywhere in the world.

The marathon will be conducted between 4 and 7 March 2011. Participants can run on treadmills, track or any terrain of their choice – the more exotic the better. Individual and team times will be self-regulated and sent to the organisers for recording. The Moodie Report team is already in training and I look forward with great relish to leading the effort.

For an entry form or more details please contact

[For details on the travel retail-funded school building project please visit]

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