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One of the great social nights in industry history took place on Sunday, when the Middle East Duty Free Conference gala dinner was held in the shadow of the Great Pyramid at Giza in Cairo.

Egyptian distributor and retailer IDF Trading & Agencies hosted the event at this iconic venue. The company arranged special permission from the government for access to the pyramids, where guests were treated to traditional Egyptian music, dance and hospitality, as well as a special lighting up of the pyramids themselves.

I’ve lost count of the people who used the word ‘privileged’ to describe how they felt about this exclusive access to one of the world’s great historic sites. But it’s highly apt.

The pyramids normally close at 4pm with all access roads blocked and patrolled with security. For one rare night, access was granted – and few who were there took for granted the efforts of IDF in organising this terrific evening.

The waves of applause through the conference room the following morning, when we collectively thanked the company, underlined just how strongly most people felt about this truly one-off occasion.

Now, it’s on to Dubai, and another of the great industry social events – the Dubai Duty Free Golf World Cup.

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