Nearly showtime in the South of France – but first a Cannes-opener

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

With the lid about to be lifted on the 2012 TFWA World Exhibition, a Cannes-opener is called for, and we’ve got the perfect thing.

Yes, we’re back on the French Riviera for travel retail’s greatest show on earth, which begins tomorrow. But first there is what has been referred to by past winners as ‘golf’s fifth major – The Moodie International Superstars Honorary Invitation Trophy, the MIS-HIT!

Now in its 10th year – like The Moodie Report itself – the MIS-HIT brings together quite possibly the least talented array of golfers on the planet, all desperate to claim the iconic trophy. That’s awarded to the best pairing but there is also intense competition for the coveted Blue Jacket, woven from the finest Indian carpet by its original donor, King Power Group Hong Kong’s Sunil Tuli, a former tea planter turned tee planter.

This year’s MIS-HIT is likely to be even more competitive than usual.  Though declining to play in the singles, American Art Miller is determined to give his country’s golfing image a Revlon-style makeover after the USA’s pasting in the ‘Medinah Meltdown’ at the Ryder Cup. But the European presence is rumoured to have been bolstered by a famous German bearing the first name of Martin. All will be revealed in a coming Blog…

Meantime The Moodie Report team is safely ensconced in our French Riviera Bureau at No 4 Boulevard de la Croisette, two floors up right across from the Palais. It’s the best seat in town and we’ve got a full production team arriving here to capture the events and spirits of this amazing show.

First though, there’s a battle of the fairways to be won. Fore!

[On the balcony of The Moodie Report’s French Riviera Bureau, Chief Operating Officer ‘Captain’ Bob Wilby takes his traditional continental breakfast of a swift Benson & Hedges as he ponders the chances of winning the 2012 MIS-HIT and worries about his first name being spelled backwards on the trophy.]

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