Singing a new song with Aigner

The recent story of German leathergoods brand Aigner is one of change and renewal. From being a name that was respected by an older generation of (mainly German) consumers, under the guidance of CEO Sybille Schoen it has added edge and recognition among a demographic under 40, with the Middle East and Asia now key markets.

DD Amanda blog

Dressed to kill: The Moodie Report’s Dermot Davitt with Aigner Inflight Sales Manager Amanda Garbarino

On Monday night in Munich the brand celebrated its 50th year, fittingly at its home city’s greatest cultural festival, Oktoberfest. Courtesy of owner Evi Brandl, the fashion house even had its own ‘tent’, where business partners from around the world gathered to mark the occasion.

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Eurotrade CEO Sven Zahn (centre) with Dermot Davitt and Travel Retail Business Director Nigel Hardy

We did so in true Bavarian style too, as the images show: every guest was fitted for their own Dirndl and Lederhosen, all the better to toast the proud heritage of a great German brand.

IMG_0394 2

Dermot Davitt with Gebr Heinemann’s Nadine Heubel, one of many business partners of Aigner to attend the celebration

As Ms Schoen noted on the night, “this is a once in a lifetime event” for the company. And Aigner carried it off with verve, style and a terrific sense of fun. Here’s to the next 50 years.

brandl blog

Aigner Owner Evi Brandl and CEO Sybille Schoen welcome guests to their anniversary party at the Oktoberfest in Munich last night

Brandl blog

Aigner Owner Evi Brandl with Dermot Davitt on a memorable evening for the company

Denny 1

King Power (Thailand) VP Merchandise Planning and Strategy Director Denny Hui raises a glass with Dermot Davitt on the night

crowd oktoberfest blog

The Oktoberfest attracts millions of visitors each year to Munich for the 16-day event

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