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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

Of all the charitable endeavours we hear about in this industry (and we try to support most), there aren’t many of greater merit than that being undertaken by Fraser Dunlop, Global Head of Food for World Duty Free Group.

For those of you who don’t know Fraser, he is the man who defied practically all the odds against cancer, having been told on 30 April 2009 that he had an “inoperable, incurable” version of the disease and just months to live. His chances of survival were rated as 1%. He defied those odds to become a walking, talking, miracle man.

Make that walking, talking, cycling miracle man. Fraser and two friends are set to participate in cycling’s 2013 L’Etape du Tour to raise funds for Cancer Research UK (no doubt riding on Dunlop tyres…).


I’ll let Fraser take up the story: “Cancer Research UK continue to do their brilliant and life-saving work and without them I would not be here today to do such crazy stunts as riding a mountain stage of the Tour de France. Keeping busy & training for ‘big stuff’ like this really help towards making the most of life…

“The route of L’Etape du Tour 2013 is exceptionally a ‘challenging loop’… a fabulous Sunday cycle run on 7th July of 130km and 3 hill climbs.

“The start will be at the heart of Annecy, it will be a few miles longer than the route of the Tour de France. See:”

Fraser is trying to raise £1,300. As you would expect, he’s already smashed that target, reaching £1,720. But he – and Cancer Research UK – deserve a whole lot more than that. If you click on this link ( you can add your support.

That’s a tough challenge. But it’s a casual ride in the park compared to the one Fraser overcame a few years back. If you’re not convinced, or you want to be inspired by one of the greatest survival stories you will ever hear, read my two-part interview (including audio) with Fraser from 2011 in The Moodie e-Zine. I promise you it will change the way you view life.

Part 1. A survivor’s story

Part 2: A survivor’s story


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  • Inspirational to say the least …. and yes a story such as this puts everything into perspective.

    Wishing you continued good health!