Tairo treats the trade to a truly Wicked evening

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Last night distributor Tairo International treated over 100 of its customers and brand partners to a truly Wicked evening of entertainment, at the IAADFS Duty Free Show of the Americas.

Tairo’s Tania and Robert Bassan hosted a Wicked evening in Orlando

At 6pm buses transported the lucky group to the Carr Performing Arts Centre in Orlando, where guests enjoyed a private cocktail party before watching a spell-binding performance of the musical Wicked (the well-known “prequel” to the Wizard of Oz), courtesy of Broadway Across America.

The cast was simply amazing, and the audience appreciation added an extra buzz to the performance, which easily rivalled its West End London counterpart. We all felt like we were Defying Gravity by the time the curtain came down.

A huge thank-you to Tairo for their amazing hospitality. And a truly Wicked night.

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