The Art of Antiquitease

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How do you follow a PA by Sean John, flanked by a buxom bevy of lingerie-clad lovelies posing on a podium? With MAC Antiquitease, of course.

The Estee Lauder Companies’ traditional Monday night cocktail evening in Cannes needed to go some to top last year’s celebrity-studded bash – but that’s exactly what it did.

(Real) sparkling white steeds outside the Hotel Majestic? Check. Lithe and lovely cherubs wearing little more than gold body paint and a cheeky smile? Check. Stilt-walkers and ladies in transparent crinolines? Check. Live opera? Check. Senior executives swinging from the chandeliers? We couldn’t possibly comment…

From the snow on the floor to the gilded canapes, the Majestic was totally transformed to embody the spirit of MAC’s Antiquitease collection, itself an homage to the ornate excess of antiquity.

The make-up line, a baroque extravaganza of silver and gold, will form the lynchpin of the company’s Holiday offer.

May Mary Portas be travelling through Heathrow when the Antiquitease promotion is unleashed there…

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