The Moodie Report’s LA Adventure: Day 3

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Up bright and early today for the outdoor 7.30 am yoga session, led by celebrity instructor Mark Blanchard, who trains the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore and Andy Garcia.


The Moodie Report is feeling fairly confident – we are reasonably fit, have done a few years of yoga and went easy on the vino last night. Five minutes in we are sweating like a pig (no mean feat in these chilly temperatures), gasping for breath and shaking with exertion. This is Power Yoga LA-style – and now we know why all those celebrities look so fabulous. We decide there and then we would rather be fat…

Blanchard is a great tutor, however, really positive and encouraging – and very hands-on. Literally. He lifts, pulls and stretches us into the various poses required, and at the end of the hour we are simultaneously exhausted and exhilarated. What a pity that we then undo all our good work with a massive plate of Eggs Benedict.

Next up is the Celebrity Make-up Artist Event, with Francesca Tolot, a firm favourite of Beyonce’s, among others. As we return to the Rodeo Terrace for the presentation, the sun breaks through for the first time all trip, making the view that much more breathtaking. Even better, we can finally take that grubby wrap off…


Tolot presents a frank and funny overview of her career as a make-up artist, and reveals a number of priceless trade secrets. She finishes the session with a make-up masterclass, creating two very different looks on two different models.

Using Clinique’s Fall make-up collection, she creates a natural look around the theme of “bigger, bolder, brighter eyes”, and a stunning red-carpet maquillage using an inventive deep purple/shimmering green colour-scheme.

As we prepare to leave for LAX, we finally spot some celebrities, who until now have been as elusive as the sun. Larry King is seen in the hotel lobby, while outside Chris Brown, plus serious entourage, wait for their car(s) to be brought round.

It’s the perfect end to an event that has been fabulous, in all ways, from start to finish. Our LA Adventure has been absolutely awesome.

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