The (Nivea) Boat That Rocked

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There were 1,000 guests – from 50 different countries – onboard a specially-chartered cruise ship. There were multimedia exhibitions, presentations and interactive installations. There was cake. There was Champagne. Hell, even Rihanna showed up to perform a very exclusive gig. As birthday parties go, Nivea’s centenary celebrations were something pretty special.

sea legs
The Moodie Report’s Rebecca Mann swiftly finds her sea legs

As reported earlier this week, the Nivea brand marked its landmark 100th birthday with a two-day cruise which departed from Hamburg, where Beiersdorf is headquartered. The guest-list was made up of journalists and consumers, in addition to around 300 members of Nivea’s worldwide team.

Rihanna rocks the boat with an exclusive onboard gig

The event kicked off in some style with an onboard gig by Rihanna, who has dedicated a special song to the brand, and who also constitutes a key part of Nivea’s extensive new digital activation programme, created to support its 100th birthday.

Guests were treated to some truly breathtaking entertainment during dinner

Rihanna received a rapturous reception from the birthday guests, who were treated to further breathtaking displays during dinner (this writer knows her dance, but I’ve never before seen a ballerina balance en pointe of top of someone’s head. And yes, I have photographic evidence – see pic).

Nivea’s impressive birthday cake tasted as good as it looked

After dinner, guests partied in considerable style into the early hours, courtesy of a truly rockin’ DJ and a dance floor to die for. But that didn’t deter the hardcore (The Moodie Report among them) from showing up for a 7.30 yoga class, before breakfast, assorted workshops, interviews, and the main press conference, where the brand looked back over its history but also gave a glimpse of how it perceives the future.

It was, from start to finish, a mighty impressive celebration of a spectacularly successful century. Happy Birthday Nivea – and may you enjoy many more.

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