Viva Las Vegas

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

I’ve arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada for the opening of the long-awaited  new Terminal 3 at McCarran International Airport, a US$2.4 billion extravangza that’s being decribed in local media here as a blend of glitz and hi-tech. What else would you expect of this spectacular place, fondly known as ‘Sin City’?

I’m focusing on The Nuance Group’s walk-through store, which I’m promised is something pretty special. In a few hours I’ll be touring the retail offer and the terminal in preparation for a dedicated e-Zine we’re publishing next week.

Having made the schoolboy error of falling asleep for several hours when I arrived in the late afternoon, I’m paying my penance by being wide awake in the early hours.

Still, who’s complaining? The view (below) from The Moodie Report’s Vegas Bureau on the 51st floor  at the Vdara hotel is spectacular and the unoaked Chardonnay from Domain Chandon is going down a treat. It’s a great chance to catch up with a million e-mails, and reflect on a momentous week for The Moodie Report (the FAB Conference & Awards in Amsterdam; the opening of our new HQ and the related US$50,000 donation from Dubai Duty Free to The Moodie Report Foundation; and the incredible scenes from The Moodie Multi-National Marathon).

Sometimes you have to draw breath. But not for long. Later today there’s a terminal and store opening to attend to, our very lifeblood. Viva Las Vegas.


 [Flying into McCarran International Airport (above) after a spectacular view of the barren, beautiful state of Nevada on the way in]

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