Welcome to Brussels… I don’t think so

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Sometimes you just wonder if people realise they are actually in the hospitality business…

Arriving at Brussels railway station yesterday via Eurostar en route to today’s ETRC Forum, my travelling companion – Remy Cointreau’s newly appointed European Director, Global Travel Retail, Matthew Hodges – and I sought out a tourist information booth to find out how far away the conference venue was from the station.

A large circular booth with the familiar ‘I’ for information seemed to offer assistance. As we neared however we saw one half of the booth, dedicated to ‘tourism’, was closed and the other was determined to offer as little help – in fact no help – to tourists as possible.

Take a look at the sign below. In stark black letters printed in large font, it reads: “No tourist info, No Ryanair info, No city maps, only train info.”

It may as well have added ‘No interest, no pride in Brussels, no we don’t want you in our city.”