Welcome to planet earth Jake – Dad will be there soon

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Hi Martin (writes Alex Cook of Lightfoot Marketing),

I often read the blog articles you write onboard various forward-thinking airlines who have wifi – think you mentioned Hong Kong Airlines (?).

Well… I’m now the world’s biggest fan of this innovation. Currently writing this email somewhere above Poland on a Singapore Airlines A380 from Changi. It’s fantastic and has compelled me to write to you.

Let me set the scene… I’ve spent the best part of 2 weeks working 20 hours a day because of a particularly challenging tender and store design project. Anyway, Tuesday night I got 2 hours sleep at my desk in the office and last night I was in the middle of another two hour power-sleep when my mobile rings. It was my wife Alexandra [in the UK]… in some distress… having gone into labour earlier than expected. Bugger! It was 6.30am in Singapore, next flight at 9am. Given that Alexandra had a 78 hour labour the first time round, I was mildly hopeful.

Straight to the airport wearing the clothes from the day before (no time for a shower this time) and only my laptop bag and passport in hand. No ticket at this point.

Got a ticket with SQ. Through immigration with usual Changi breeze – quick purchase of shirt, underwear and a jumper (30 degrees in Singapore, considerably colder in London I guessed) from Tommy Hilfiger. I must be Mr Faisst’s most efficient customer worldwide today (in and out in no more than 2 minutes – Great service as well), then to Watson’s – toothbrush and deodorant (not so good service as I ask for deodorant and the woman tries far too hard to trade me up to a £14 luxury stick from niche brand on promo – when I’m clearly in a rush and agitated. £2 Nivea will do fine thanks). Anyway, up to the Airline Lounge – quick shower and immediately to the gate, and pretty much the last person on the plane.

Naturally uneasy at this point, it was a true revelation when I discovered that SQ did wifi onboard. Immediately logged on after take-off and spent the next 3 hours in constant communication via skype with Alexandra who had gone to hospital at this point. The baby (a boy therefore infinitely more decisive) clearly wanted to come out… and took only 7 hours start to finish.

I was talking to Alexandra right up to the last minute, while I was over the Indian Ocean. I’m now the very proud father of Jake Alexander Cook (pictured below and sent from an SQ flight above Poland -Ed].


Born 3.13am (GMT) 6’2 and 50cm. Mum and baby healthy – mixed emotions for Dad as you can imagine. I guess it’s a reminder of the effect our industry can have on our personal life.

Although gutted to not have been present and cannot describe my appreciation for the wifi and the service of SQ!

I’ve been sent photos, had a video call with my parents (which was especially nice for my dad as his mother passed away last weekend), and have also been able to continue working – alongside my excellent team in Singapore and several very understanding clients!

Not really sure how to sign this one off… the story has only just begun with little Jake I guess, but what a start! Thank you SQ! Every other airline should follow suit.

All the best


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  • Alex, you’re the greatest. A pleasure to work with you and be able to also share our personal stories. And above all, congratulations daddy!

  • Great story and congratulations to Alexandra and yourself. Another benefit of having wifi on board,

  • Good story – Congratulations Alex to you & Alexandra on the birth of Jake. We’ll wet the baby’s head on your return!

  • On a personal note (which is what counts here), huge congratulations to you and Alexandra! On a professional note, this sets the Blog bar VERY high for the rest of us…