A Walsh Welsh sporting upset on the cards in Dubai golf?

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

Determined to make up for the humiliation of his native Wales by the All Blacks yesterday (All Blacks 45, yes that’s right 45… including 5 tries – to 10, yes that’s right, just 10 – Ed), well-known industry executive Kevin Walsh is making an unexpected bid for glory at the annual Dubai Duty Free Golf World Cup.

The Walshman, sorry Welshman, part of the UK-based firm of solicitors Walsh, Webster and Maxwell, scored 42 points on day one of the tournament yesterday to be near the top of the international leaderboard.

Could a weekend that began so disastrously for Wales (beaten 45, yes that’s right, 45 to just 10 – Ed) end in a shock triumph for the legal eagle who also moonlights for inflight supply specialist Premiere Portfolio during his spare time?

After yesterday’s run of form The Moodie Blogmakers, sorry bookmakers, slashed his odds from 50 to 1 to 5 to 1, though these lengthened again last night to 300 to 1 after last night’s revelery at the Irish Village, hosted in inimitable style by Dubai Duty Free, where Walsh (top right) was seen adapting to the local greens.

Heeding the advice of his legal colleagues that an early night was required if he was to take out the trophy, Walsh duly obliged by crawling into bed after 4a.m. – “That’s really early,” he told us.

Blogmaker favourite Mohamed Mounib disappointed his huge entourage after a battling 30 points on day one left him well off the lead. One thing that didn’t disappiont though was his dazzling Vespucci trousers in Montgomerie green. “Green is the new black,” Mounib told The Moodie Blog before 3-putting from four and a half feet to prove it.

Many other contendors for the title also took the legal advice from Walsh, Webster and Maxwell and had early nights, culminating around 2.30a.m on average. The housewive’s favourite for the title Richard Ferne saw his odds ease from 170 milliion to one to 300 trillion to one after a quite shocking day 1 performance which saw him take a 7 on the second hole… 7 shots to reach the ladies’ tee that is. Maintaining the Ferne tradition of finishing every hole he came in with a 39 on the longest par 5. Gross. Very, very gross.

Told of his rising odds, the ever optimistic Ferne replied thoughtfully, “300 trillion to one? So I’m still in with a chance then?”

One possible outsider for today’s title is Karl Sutcliffe, son of Aer Rianta International-Middle East boss John Sutcliffe. Asked about his odd habit of using a tube of sunscreen rather than a tee on the par three 6th, he explained, “I’m a chip off the old block.” Bookmakers are now offering 350 to one against either Sutcliffe winning today, the same chances of the Irish beating the All Blacks in next year’s Rugby World Cup.

Watch out for breaking news of the Dubai Duty Free Golf World Cup 2007 winner, coming to a Blog near you from the greatest tournament on earth.

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